For my teasers, my focus was to bring the main points of my argument along with some images that correspond to the topic. For Twitter and Facebook, the text focused on what Prop 22 does for drivers and the longterm effects on public policy. …

Silicon Valley companies have grown into monoliths, valued at billions and powered by the top technologies. Unfortunately, that power can have a significant effect on labor rights, especially given the recent outcome of Prop 22.

Silicon Valley has been in the news a lot these days, but not in the…

From the Reynolds School of Journalism

Matthew King in the Reynolds School of Journalism

For Matthew King, joining the armed services was a rite of passage into manhood. At 17, he enlisted in the Marine Corps in hopes to put himself to the test and discover himself in one of the most hostile places in the world.

Now a journalism student at the Reynolds…

The University of Nevada, Reno Veteran Services assist student Veterans through financial, personal and other means.

Banner celebrating Veteran Services inside of the Pennington Student Achievement Center

Worrying about paying bills and balancing classwork with life is already a challenge, but a loud noise or a chair in the way of a door can have a major affect on a student veteran.

For veterans who were deployed overseas and now back home, the transition process to civilian…

As a journalist, it is my duty to report on topics that matter and it is my passion to report on those who make an impact; and veterans make one of the largest impacts in the entire country. I grew up with grandparents, cousins, and friends who have all either served or are serving in the military. These men and women risk their lives, daily, to defend our homeland, and I believe in their mission and I respect their dedication. The story of a veteran is not only a special memoir but it is also the story of our country’s defense of safety and security. I hope these stories document the challenges and sacrifices that our veteran neighbors experience in their lifetime.

Veterans face battles each day in which we do not understand from the outside looking in. These battles on and off duty do not leave them untouched and can change their lives forever. It is important to allow our heroes to tell their stories, embrace the hardships and continue to support those who defend our freedom without borders.

As I have developed throughout my educational career, I have established a strong passion for the study of psychology and human connection. I am interested in further exposing the relationships between humans in detrimental periods of hardship and war, specifically veterans.

Multiple members of my family have served in the armed forces and I feel it is a responsibility for all of us to care for our veterans. Whether it is holding institutions that provide resources to veterans accountable or volunteering to aid veterans, we must stand up for veterans. Veterans have sacrificed so much for us so making sure they have the services they require is a must.

The Mackey statue in real life and virtual reality (Photo by Bailey MeCey)

Thanks to the new Google Earth VR, you can tour the world from the comfort of your computer desk. The newest feature allows for searching of locations, do nothing can be better than comparing the virtual reality satellite image to the real thing. Check out how the University of Nevada looks when under the lens of VR, and the sometimes startling images it produces.

Bailey MeCey

I like to write about video games. Twitter and Instagram: @bmecey

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